A Parent's Guide to Booster Seat Safety

From birth to at least one year old and at least 20 pounds, children should be secured in the back seat in a rear-facing infant seat.

  • Children between the ages of one to about age four and 20-40 pounds should be secured in the back seat in a forward-facing toddler seat.Kids between the ages of four and eight or 40-80 pounds unless 49 should be properly restrained in the back seat in belt-positioning booster seats.
  • There are two types of booster seats a high-back booster and a low-back booster.
    • A high-back booster seat uses the vehicles lap/shoulder belt and provides head and neck support for the child if the car does not have a built-in head restraint.
    • A low-back booster seat is for use in vehicles that have a built-in head restraint. This type of booster seat is also used with the lap/shoulder belt to properly secure the child.
  • The child seat manufacturer certifies that all child safety seats sold meet federal safety performance standards.
For more information please see the NHTSA site.

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