More drivers sing behind the wheel than text, study finds

Singing is the number one thing drivers do behind the wheel, according to a new study.

What’s the number one thing drivers do behind the wheel?

No, it’s not texting. Or any distracted driving activities for that matter.

More drivers are singing out loud while driving than using their phones, according to a new consumer survey from DMEautomotive. The study, which is in conjunction with National Collision Awareness Month, found that 56 percent of the 2,000 adults surveyed admitted to signing in the car.

Although singing topped the list, four other activities that made the top five are distracting to drivers. These include talking on the phone, eating, reading a text, and sending a text.

Drivers also admitted to treating their cars like a bathroom, where they floss their teeth, change clothes, and even shave.

“It's not surprising that singing out loud tops our list, but it's deeply disturbing to see how much multiscreen, multi-tasking is going on in cars: people texting, reading emails and the paper, and watching TV,” DME Manager of Research and Analytics Dr. Mary Sheridan said in a release. “And how a smaller, but considerable, percentage (5-7%) are treating their cars as an extension of their home/bathroom by shaving, brushing or flossing their teeth, putting on makeup or deodorant and changing their clothes while driving.”

Below are the full results:

1. Sing out loud

2. Have a phone conversation

3. Eat

4. Read a text message

5. Send a text message

6. Read an email

7. Take a photo

8. Send an email

9. Put on make-up

10. Floss your teeth

11. Put on deodorant

12. Watch TV or movies

13. Change clothes

14. Read a newspaper, book, or magazine

15. Brush your teeth

16. Work on your laptop

17. Shave