How will self-driving cars help busy professionals?


As if most of us didn’t already spend enough time working at the office, the flexible workspace provider Regus, headquartered in Luxembourg, predicts that the coming generation of self-driving cars will become popular among Type A professionals who want to make their commutes as fruitful as possible.

To that end the company teamed with Swiss automotive systems innovator Rinspeed to develop the XchangE concept car, introduced at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Essentially a rolling office, the front two seats can swivel backwards to create a mobile work and meeting space for up to four people, with a sophisticated infotainment system affording a mobile Internet connection for laptops and other devices.

“A consultant or sales rep could fit in 7-8 hours of productive work each day, using a driverless vehicle,” says Andre Sharpe, Regus’ global product and business development director. “This innovative car will change wasted time into productive time.” So much for that leisurely drive home.

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