Saturday, August 29, 2015


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(TNS) MILWAUKEE — If you’re seeing a lot of travel trailers and motor homes on the highway these days, it’s more than a sign of summer...
Unfortunately, car batteries aren't able to tell you when they're about to die. That's why they seemingly die at the worst possible time and place, such as the side of the highway at night.
A move from transit-rich New York to car-crazy Los Angeles prompted Manuela White to spend more than $17,000 on a used Toyota Corolla sight unseen with just a click on her laptop.
The golden age of Detroit muscle is now.
The Street: "We tried to look at it from both the parents' point of view -- 'I want my kid in something safe and economical' -- and the kids' point of view: 'I want something that's fun to drive and has the right features,'" says Jack Nerad, executive editorial director of KBB.
DETROIT (AP) - Ford is making plans for a return to the small pickup truck market in the U.S. with a new version of the Ranger.
The first car is one of the most memorable purchases of a lifetime.
The Street: The sports car isn't dying: it's just evolving. Buyers are expecting better fuel economy and, failing that, more utility out of their high-horsepower splurges.
It’s August, the pinnacle of summer and prime time for playing hooky.
In the case of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, you have to pay up front if you want to save at the pump - and wear an ecological white hat.
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