Sunday, August 2, 2015


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Low-slung, sleek and sexy, this supercharged V-8 coupe looks like a designer’s dream, handles like a track car and isn’t made in Germany or Italy.
DETROIT (AP) - In the age of Apple's CarPlay, a lot of cars on the road still have tape decks.
(TNS) In the full-size premium SUV class, the Lincoln Navigator has been updated for 2015, and continues to be the ultimate luxurious people hauler...
It's a helpless feeling. You walk outside to where your car should be, and it's gone. After you repeatedly try to figure out where the car could be, you realize it probably has been stolen.
The next Toyota Prius will arrive just as hybrids seem to be going out of fashion.
Google is concentrating its autonomous car testing on the more difficult and unpredictable scenarios that crop up on surface streets more often than on freeways.
DETROIT (AP) - When a car dealer offers to loan you the money to buy a car at zero interest, it gets your attention. Yet that cheap money might not be the best deal you can get.
(Corrects sixth paragraph to show Toyota is reporting first-quarter, not first-half, results on Thursday.) * Toyota H1 sales fall 1.5 pct to 5.02 mln...
So, the fastest, most powerful sedan in the world — we’re talking 707 horses — is delivered to my driveway, and the driver hands me two key fobs.
(TNS) Minis must be grappling with the lumps, bumps and psychic bruises of middle age. Not that I would know anything about rising hairlines and falling...
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