Yo, Bam Bam, how was the food?

Rapper and professional bon vivant Action Bronson visited Philly on Tuesday, and among a couple other more cannabis-oriented activities, tucked into what looked like an extensive meal at Michael Solomonov's Zahav, as his Instagram story shows.

However, before all that, he stopped at Matchbox, a smoke shop on South Street, to take in the glass selection. As the shop posted on their Instagram feed, Bronson, 33, kept it local and picked up a smoking accessory by Mayoral Quartz, a glass company based out of New Castle, Del.:

The shop also showed the "Easy Rider" hitmaker scoping out a water pipe in a video in their own Instagram story:

From there, Bronson, born Ariyan Arslani, moved on to Zahav, where he documented his meal on Instagram. The rapper, who worked as a chef before entering music, ordered a huge amount of food, from cold starters to elegant desserts. And with Zahav's focus on modern Israeli cuisine, that meant plenty of hummus, salads, and kebabs for Action and his crew. The restaurant has not yet responded to request for comment.

As his Instagram story shows, Bronson capped his meal off with a wine from Dave Fedoroff, a Philly native who opened Fedoroff's Roast Pork in New York (where Bronson lives) last year:

For a night cap (on social media, anyway), Bronson headed to an area glassblowing studio to work with prominent Philadelphia glass pipe-maker Elbo, who showed the rapper working a little glass in an Instagram story. Philadelphia is a hot spot in the world of functional glass, and is home to several of the glass pipe subculture's most respected artists โ€” some of whom are represented at National Liberty Museum's new exhibit highlighting the glass pipe movement.

Bronson is a noted collector of high-end glass pipes, and has shown parts of his collection online and on his television show Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch 'Ancient Aliens.'ย As Elbo's Instagram story showed, however, Bronson is just getting started when it comes to working glass:

When it comes to music, Bronson is just wrapping up Blue Chips 7000, the third installment in his Blue Chips mixtape series. The rapper on social media last month warned fans to "be safe" when the release comes out because "that [expletive] heat." No release date has yet been announced.

Fans of Bronson's culinary stylings can look forward to April 20, when Vice will air his F*ck That's Delicious 4/20 special in honor of the traditional marijuana holiday. That episode, according to Deadline, is "The Heady New York Special" and focuses on Bronson's favorite New York foods and culture.

Until then, though, we'll have settle for a short promo of the special:

Bronson is, of course, no stranger to Philadelphia, andย famously enjoyed a Philly Taco โ€” a slice of Lorenzo's pizza wrapped around a Jim's cheesesteak โ€” on South Street following a performance at Made in America in 2015. The rapper also stopped at South Street clothing boutique Suplex during the visit, explaining at the time that he was "in need of fire."

Bronson's representatives have not yet responded to a request for comment regarding his most recent visit to Philly. Hopefully he left full, though.