Left-wing Phila Democrats push forced sick leave bill

Philadelphia City Council was in session Thursday, June 14th, and continued to tackle budget woes while listening to the concerns of citizens worried about increases in their taxes. Here, councilman William Greenlee, left, confers with council president Darrell Clarke. ( Ed Hille / Staff Photographer )

Philadelphia City Council President Darrell L. Clarke plans to join fellow Democrat Bill Greenlee, the AFL-CIO and other pro-labor union groups Thursday in re-introducing a bill that would force city employers to give workers paid sick leave. The group says "2 out of 5 workers in Philadelphia" have no paid sick leave, including more than 70,000 healthcare, restaurant and hotel workers.

Business owners have objected to previous versions of the legislation, with some complaining their workers are liable to treating sick days as vacation. Mayor Nutter has noted the provision could drive some business owners to locate or expand in the suburbs or other places with no sick leave requirement. 

UPDATE: Clarke aide Jane Roh objects to my "left wing" characterization of the council president, in this item's headline, and calls it "laughable." I told her that, if Nutter and Clarke are both Democrats, and Clarke is for this pro-labor legislation, and Nutter is against it, that puts Clarke and his allies to the left of Nutter and his supporters.