Thursday, July 10, 2014
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About 50 people gathered yesterday in a demonstration against crude oil transported through Philly railways.
The Street: Americans keep hoping for a robust recovery - one that delivers better paying jobs and decent returns on retirement savings. But changes in technology and the economy may mean that never happens, and government efforts to improve conditions often multiply the misery.
A Northern California chemical engineer is facing more than 20 years in prison for a rare economic-espionage conviction for selling to China the technology that creates a white pigment.
Stigma, pay cuts, and risk of radiation exposure are among the reasons why 3,000 employees have left the utility at the center of Japan's 2011 nuclear disaster. Now there's an additional factor: better paying jobs in the feel good solar energy industry.
A Silicon Valley success story turned sordid this week with the arrest of an upscale prostitute who allegedly left a Google executive dying on his yacht after shooting him up with a deadly hit of heroin.
A proposal to award a manufacturing company $260 million in tax breaks - one of the largest such subsidies in recent years - could produce more than 400 jobs in Camden, individuals familiar with the deal said Wednesday.
The price of oil continued to fall Thursday, trading below $102 a barrel as the outlook for supply remained robust.
Fewer people sought U.S. unemployment benefits last week, driving down the level of applications to nearly the lowest in seven years.
The Philadelphia Parking Authority is hoping to have a pay-by-cell system for metered parking up and running by next summer.
The Street: A new study out of Ohio State University and due to be published in the August issue of American Sociological Review finds that a leading cause of growing income inequality in the U.S. is the steep decline in the strength and prominence of labor unions.
The Street: Potbelly was one of those disasters you could see coming from a long distance. Ever since its IPO, its stock has done little more than head lower, and for good reason: It was a better story than its substance.
LIVONIA, Mich. (AP) - Auto parts supplier TRW Automotive says it has received a preliminary acquisition offer.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Members of the Democratic-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday sent to their colleagues a long-shot proposed change to the Constitution that would reign in political spending.
LONDON (AP) - Concerned after a European court ruled in favor of citizens' right to privacy, Britain's prime minister pledged Thursday to rush through emergency measures to force phone and Internet companies to store call and search records for a year.
NEW YORK (AP) - U.S. stocks are dropping in early trading amid financial jitters in Europe and disappointing retail earnings.
The machines participating in this month's international RoboCup tournament are making passes and scoring points. Their ultimate goal? To beat the human World Cup champs within the next 35 years.
NEW DELHI (AP) - In a country grappling with poverty, sluggish growth and a daunting deficit, India's new budget has set aside 2 billion rupees ($33 million) for a colossal iron-and-bronze statue almost twice the size of the Statue of Liberty.
ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greece has raised 1.5 billion euros ($2.04 billion) in an auction of three-year bonds, its second debt issue in three months after a long absence from the international markets.
LONDON (AP) - More "headline-grabbing" acquisitions are likely over the coming year as businesses take advantage of a period of improving economic growth and cheap financing.
PhillyDeals: The University of Delaware says "it has terminated its lease agreement with The Data Centers, LLC, putting a halt to TDC’s plans to develop a data center" on the Science, Technology & Advanced Research (STAR) Campus adjoining the partly state-backed Newark, Del. school, after a committee of UD officials and profs "unanimously" voted against the project.
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