Philly among the top 12 healthiest cities to retire

Is Philly a retiree's dream city? According to Kiplinger's latest ranking, yes - the City of Brotherly Love helps seniors live healthier in the golden years.

Kiplinger's says the most important component of a happy retirement isn't financial security or proximity to family and friends. It's good health.

The magazine listed 12 retirement destinations that are "havens for healthy living, with lots of opportunities to pursue an active lifestyle and great medical facilities."

Philadelphia ranked 12th on the list cities. Naples, Florida, ranked No. 1.

Using data from Trulia real estate marketplace, Kiplinger's identified cities with quiet streets, trails, parks, golf courses and other amenities, and easy access to hospitals and pharmacies.

Most cities boast good air quality and low crime rates. And with the exception of Omaha, Nebraska, and Billings, Montana, all are in states that are tax-friendly or tax-neutral for retirees.

One healthy highlight: Philadelphia's annual Broad Street Run is the largest 10-mile race in the country.

"For retirees eager to keep their mind and body in motion, Philadelphia offers no shortage of activities. The culturally inclined can take in the art at the city's world-class museums."

Health-conscious retirees can shop at the Ninth Street Italian Market or bike ride on scenic Kelly Drive, Kiplinger's added.

Philly is home to several excellent university health systems, including those at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Pennsylvania.

As a state, Pennsylvania is tax-friendly for retirees. The Keystone State doesn't tax retirement income for residents age 59½ or older, income from individual or workplace retirement accounts, or Social Security benefits.

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