Pa. to hire outside lawyer in casino lawsuit

Pennsylvania will hire outside counsel to defend a lawsuit by the former Foxwoods Casino partnership seeking the return of the group's $50 million casino license fee, according to a filing in bankruptcy court.

Both the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and the state's Office of General Counsel declined to defend the lawsuit, the filing said. The general counsel's office said it does not have the "in-house knowledge, experience and resources necessary" to defend the case in Philadelphia it decided "to appoint as special counsel a law firm having the resources, expertise and geographical proximity" to the Philadelphia bankruptcy court, the filing said.

The Foxwoods partnership, which lost its license in 2010 after many delays in building a casino and filed for bankruptcy in April, gave state officials an additional 30 days, until Aug. 28, to hire counsel and respond to the Foxwoods complaint. - Harold Brubaker