Monday, July 28, 2014
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Is unemployment insurance a 'government handout'?

DEAR HARRY: For 12 years, I worked as a pressman for a good-sized company. In summer 2011, the company bought some sophisticated equipment to replace equipment bought about 20 years ago. Ultimately three of us were no longer needed and were let go in September. None of us has worked since. Sure, we got unemployment comp, but that doesn't come close to paying our "must" expenses. There just aren't any jobs open in our field. Yesterday, I finally went ballistic when I heard some fool on TV say that there were plenty of jobs around, but that it was easier for some people to stay on "government handouts." That's pure bull. I never met one guy who wouldn't rather be working. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Unfortunately, there are too many fools like the one you heard.

These people either lack knowledge, or compassion, or both. Plenty of politicians want to cut unemployment insurance and other safety-net provisions. How can anyone pray on weekends, then go out and push to cut the food-stamp program? What will the users of food stamps do to feed their families while the very wealthy use their low tax rates as an opportunity to buy a new Mercedes or Lexus? Our income gap continues to grow.


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