Web Winners | Got entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is alive and well, and endlessly studied on the Web. Here are a number of sites to inspire, help and warn the would-be business owners among us.

Success stories. Business consultant Scott Allen runs this blog-style discussion of entrepreneurship at About.com, where we caught up on Ben and Jerry (of Ben & Jerry's ice cream fame), and perused "10 Legitimate Businesses You Can Start for Under $20." These included "Webpreneur," house sitter, and eBay seller. For the latter, the $20 was to go for inventory - from a garage sale.


It's an exhaustingly long Web address, but this About.com page is good for its collection of case studies and interviews, including a piece about the guy who started 1-800-GOT-JUNK? (The "?" is part of the business's name.)



Founding ideas. The $2 billion Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Mo., promotes entrepreneurship. The group talks up the subject on university campuses, and even has organized a network of angel investors. A growing body of advice on how start and and expand a company is on this site.


World business. The World Business site summarizes reports from business publications and presents the result as easily digestible reviews. Its "channels" include entrepreneurship, along with eight other categories. When we looked, the entrepreneurship section, though infrequently updated, had intriguing entries on a search-engine start-up, and nurturing Middle East entrepreneurs.


Failure notice. Most start-ups do fail. This article seeks to answer the question: How do you know when your venture has failed? Let's see . . . The phone goes dead, creditors are at the door, and your wardrobe suddenly consists of a classy wooden barrel. These might be among the signs. But perhaps it's more complicated than that.




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