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Roy L. Pearson Jr.'s unsuccessful $54 million lawsuit over a lost pair of pants was widely viewed as a frivolous case - as well as a golden opening for trouser jokes by headline writers.

Ten more. Remember when McDonald's Corp. got sued for having hot coffee? That 1992 legal case tops the list here of 10 more actions deemed frivolous by the writer. These include a lawsuit filed by a burglar's family after the thief was electrocuted while breaking into a booby-trapped bar; the man who sued Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. because, contrary to the advertising, he had no luck with the ladies after drinking beer; and the inmate who sued himself for violating his own civil rights by committing a crime and getting himself incarcerated - or something like that.



Another collection of "stupid lawsuits" is here:



Find law. With the link below, we've set up an automatic search for articles on the subject of frivolous lawsuits at the legal news and information Web site called FindLaw. Be aware that the site is geared for lawyers, so you're likely to encounter a good deal of jargon.


Pants facts. The law firm that represents dry-cleaners Jin Nam Chung and Soo Chung in the case brought by Pearson predicted on its site that an appeal by Pearson was likely. Links lead the visitor to an invitation to a Washington fund-raiser, scheduled for July, to help the Chungs and "fight frivolous lawsuits," and to a site for the Custom Cleaners Defense Fund.



Missing Pearson? A Web page about Pearson from Washington's municipal Office of Administrative Hearings, where Pearson is an administrative law judge, went missing in action last week. The page had been linked to from several sites, but perhaps the office wasn't feeling particularly proud of hizzoner.


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