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Camden County real estate transactions

Burlington County

These transactions were recorded through Aug. 15.

Bordentown Township

57 Cayuga Rd Irina and Igor Nezhlukchenko to Paula Frenes and Anthony J Medori, $465,000.

13 Dorset Ct George Nick and Eileen A Kastanas to Adam and Jennifer Gold, $354,000.

5 Forsgate Ln Joseph and Carol S Schmidt to Bhanubhai and Mitesh Patel, $280,000.

90 Meadow Run Rd Rui Li to Ronnie Bruce, $545,000.

28 Ridgewood Dr Orleans At Bordentown LLC to Darrin and Terry Hopkins, $511,860.

Burlington City

88 W 7th St Laveer A and Lavonne A Conner to Michael and Lisa Cottrell, $167,000.

1509a Mt Holly Rd Cesar A and Shirley San Martin to Heriberto Ramos, $263,000.

Burlington Township

109 Tattersall Dr Robert O and Karen L Wollet to Charles Richardson, $300,000.


813 Meetinghouse Ct Lisa Passione to Victor J A and Yvonne C Barcinal, $312,500.


15 Falcon Ln Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Gracia Robert Montilus, $275,490.

13 Swan Ct Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Martin Balovcik, $313,090.


117 Foxglove Dr Benjamin C Ashpole to Craig and Cindy Crawley, $210,000.

118 Swedes Run Dr Cynthia and Joseph Cicero to Robert and Gwen Staffiera, $223,500.

Edgewater Park

207 N Arthur Dr Curtis S and Elizabeth B Asbury to David W Kenny, $214,000.

1475 Mt Holly Rd unit D11 Jersey Silver Properties LLC to Calvin W and Hazel S Adams, $161,900.


14 Abington Ave Alterman Construction & Development LLC to Kathleen M Meade, $312,000.

37 Chelmsford Ct Gemma M Truscello to Stephanie Frosty, $186,000.

111 Conestoga Dr Esther V Baird to John and Dana Peard III, $285,000.

306 Foxwood Ln Matthew G and Megan L Harrison to Kathleen F Willson and Eric J Brady, $210,000.

100 Greenbrook Dr Edwin and Genevieve Rodriguez to Monique N Thornton, $310,000.

25 Hathaway Ct Randy S and Michelle E Bendell to Jennifer Marie Ognibene, $407,000.

576 Hopewell Rd Benjamin J and Jaclyn L Tartaglia III to Ann T Kanz, $240,000.

7 Lavender Ct Kathleen H Fyffe and Estate Of Elsie B Fyffe to Robert J and Martha P McKinley, $315,000.

6 Marcy Ct Gary J and Denise M Warga to Marcus D and Margaret R Gilmore, $425,000.

15 Old Mill Rd William B and Antionette M McAnally to Theodore M and Michelle Iwachiw, $338,000.

9 Plymouth Dr Hal and Nicole A E Weiner to Anthony and Tammera L Ambrosia, $350,000.

41 Provincetown Dr Christopher Sparacio to John E Davie, $150,000.

21 Weaver Dr Badriprasad S and Vandana Nittoor to Robert B and Michele A Kiewe, $403,000.


609 W 3rd St Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2001-D As to Joseph S Cordova and Daniel Henshaw, $82,000.


8 Covington Ter Denise Williams to Allen Williams, $425,000.

89 Fawn Ct Sung Sook and Kyung Ki Nahm to Tyrone and Melody Brantley, $254,000.

34 Peppermint Dr Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Craig R and Michele M Potter, $250,067.

150 Rambling Rd Joel A and Kathleen M Schwartz to Dillon and Kim Savard, $368,000.

16 Stonehenge Dr Vera B Mason to Robert Kelsey, $490,000.

13 Thornhill Dr Alexander D and Pamela Chaney to Claude and Annie Singleton, $415,000.

704 Woodchip Rd Michele Lee Oster to Andrew L Wilson, $144,250.


6 Candlelight Cir Estate Of Julia E Doyle and Mary Henry to Herman and Serena Black, $220,000.

Maple Shade

114 E Center Ave Walter S and Poa Anna S Williams to Claudette Smith, $251,900.

30 N Coles Ave Tmm Investments LLC and Paul E C Keefe Jr to Christopher and Kimberly Iocco, $178,000.

29 Farnsworth Ave Stanley Wileczek and Estate Of May E Wileczek to James W Nash, $174,000.

38 Merion Ln Daniel and Lisa Bowman to Jose and Erica E Rodriguez, $196,000.


7 Corkery Ln Mary Anne Kelly and Mary Anne Fieni to John J Heisler III, $308,500.

10 Inverness Dr Mary Ann Mollica to Bethan P and Chris R Ellis, $453,000.

10 Regent Ct Marianne Harkins and Marianne Harkins Matlack to Christopher J and Lisa E Mollan, $225,000.

117 Tuckerton Rd Stephen J and Victoria L Drialo to Sam Seok Choe, $190,000.


705 Bowling Grn Robert P Murray and Karen M Yarnell Murray to Charlie and Lisa Tucker, $332,500.

30 Lakeview Dr Stephen E and Nadine Tapp to George D and Christine M McGinley, $610,000.

Mount Holly

145 Cherry St Michael J Coughlin to Arthur L Coleman Sr, $148,000.

318 Garden St Marcus J and Melissa M Miraglia to David H Sanflippo Sr, $135,000.

502 Garden St David A and Catherine Fick Travis to Brian T Newsome, $228,000.

27 N Hill Dr John Thomas Warner and Estate Of Linda Louise Warner to William M Warner and Heather A Sgroi, $210,000.

18 Hilton Rd Spencer and Susan Hess to Jesse Allen, $170,000.

437 Merritt Dr John H and Joy A Harris to Wayne S and Jennifer L Wishart Sr, $255,000.

73 Walnut St Joseph D and Denise A Crain Jr to James P Giquinto II, $247,000.

Mount Laurel

2908a Auburn Ct Robert Dragani and Estate Of Kristina Dragani to David H Dell, $139,900.

1406 Augusta Cir Theodore and Kimberly West to Stephen J Anderson Jr, $259,000.

121 Banwell Ln John P and Laurel C Leonard to Jon C and Cynthia M Brennan, $254,000.

541 S Brentwood Dr Robert Arthur and Elizabeth C Gibbs to Laurie M Sentman, $332,000.

6503 Coventry Way Joseph A and Snezana Gatto to Sinisa Krznaric, $155,000.

8 Crossings Ct Signature Homes At Mt Laurel LLC to Peter B and Barbara A Lance, $897,456.

2007a Denham Ct Jennifer A Dyer to Melba Figueredo, $174,900.

1308b Ginger Dr James and Caroline Kruithof to Joann Romano, $182,500.

1902b Ginger Dr Marie McNeil to Nancy R Echeverria, $140,000.

16 Sarah Ct Mipro Homes LLC to Jerrold A and Maritzabel Baez Friedman, $717,201.

8 Sarah Ct Mipro Homes LLC to Gregory T and Lynn M Melino, $740,285.

31 Spinnaker Dr Hovbros Rancocas LLC to Chantia L Streater, $130,127.

37 Spinnaker Dr Hovbros Rancocas LLC to Sanja Knox, $90,997.

237 Starboard Way Hovbros Rancocas LLC to Bhagyesh K Topiwala, $357,684.

707a Wharton Rd Christopher M and Photoula Dezutti to Brian Wolfeld and Robert Tattanelli, $227,000.

Pemberton Borough

2 Simpkins Ln Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Collis and Ora Brown Jr, $375,265.

Pemberton Township

305 Blackfoot Trl Jeffrey D Verity to Christopher D Worrall and Melanie L Larocca, $200,000.

1803 E Lakeshore Dr Neil and Lisa Sanborn to James Van Caster, $225,000.


609 Delaware Ave Cheryl Windsor to Scott Sullivan, $201,600.

401 Heulings Ave Mary Ann Bell to Michael C and Nicole L Roccato, $290,000.


408 Thomas Ave Tom Berardi to Henry C and Beth R Kippley, $433,500.


10 Creekside Dr Howard C Davenport and Angela McQuaide to Maureen J Gleason and Susan Burkhalter, $363,000.


17 Huntington Dr Christian and Krista Snyder to Anthony and Gale Ferraro, $680,000.


175 E Country Club Dr Mark D and Donna Van Horn to James E Mantel and Joyce K Zimmerman, $400,000.

67 Greenwich Dr Lee E and Judith L Slater to Francesco and Donna H Mazzella Jr, $240,000.

1117 Lambert Dr John P and Barbara L Dunphy to Kim H Torrone, $212,000.


119 Glenview Ln Julius and Cheryl A Howard Jr to William O Tate, $177,000.

41 Holstone Ln Thomas Dagostino to Peter M Kaiser, $135,000.

41 Holstone Ln Steven A Aboloff and Estate Of Diana L Dews to Thomas Dagostino, $125,000.

28 Myrtlewood Ln Christopher M and Shayna F Rodriguez to Alvinette and Michael D Green, $196,000.

2 Pheasant Ln Ion Dumitrescu and Alexandru Chis Luca to Paul R Smith, $230,000.

19 Placid Ln Jose A and Haydee G Bonilla to Gus and Paulette Doe Williams, $180,000.

36 Sandstone Ln Jovito and Erudina Colon to Laureano Constantino, $165,000.

241 Somerset Dr Christine Petka to Rance A Robeson II and Jamila Taylor, $215,000.

Camden County

These transactions were recorded through Oct. 17.


192 Carlisle Rd Thomas W Slattery to Dorothy Drake, $212,900.

215 Prospect Ave Frank Smarro to George Rockstein, $287,000.


419 Clements Bridge Rd Robert M Kulick to Igmar O and Maria A Alejandro, $239,800.

317 Haines Ave Patrick Collins Jr to Andrew and Tara Wood, $252,000.


269 Bergen Ave Catherine A David to Joseph and Michelle Wald, $90,000.

71 W Browning Rd Tarek Shalabi to Jorge L Hernandez, $350,000.

Berlin Township

6 Orchard Ln Gregory Molnar to Dardi Wita, $220,000.

31 Summer Dr Steven Ehrke to Rital and Mrutla Patel, $120,000.

Camden City

124 N 28th St Norman Day to Tamika Maldonado, $82,500.

159 N 34th St St Josephs Carpenter Society to Juana A Madera, $90,000.

34 S 34th St Kenneth Mack to Sandra Covington, $125,000.

406 S 3rd St Option Realty Management Corp to Lori Martinelli, $105,000.

1469 Bradley Ave Elois Bryant to Mauricia Dillon and Everton McLean, $110,000.

1355 Chase St Richard Gonzalez to David S and Leslie H Hicks, $71,111.

2807 N Congress Rd Mildred A Robey estate to Scott A Clarke, $68,000.

1164 Everett St James Stephens to Michael and Alvanette Green, $90,000.

2834 Garfield Ave Georgina Quinones to Francisco E Matos and Jessica Rojas, $135,000.

2723 Lincoln Ave Norma Iris Lebron Benitez to Victor M Lebron, $80,000.

1059 Monitor Rd Joseph Croghan to Vincent McCalla and Carolyn Gerber, $67,000.

1347 Morton St Samuel Saldana to Jeffrey S Pierson, $52,000.

530 Stevens St Efrain Ramon to Norma Siri, $100,000.

649 York St MacSin Enterprise LLC to Subhash C Majumder, $88,889.

Cherry Hill

1044 Cardinal Ln Mayer Gindi to Davinder Saroya, $385,000.

111 Chestnut St unit 615 Andrew Harp to Roman Puerta, $125,000.

211 Colwick Rd Salvatore P Messina to Robert J and Rosemarie Krawiecki, $400,000.

401 Cooper Landing Rd unit 224 Roberta M Hawthorne to James A Furey and Jeremy Ian Lambert, $117,000.

401 Cooper Landing Rd unit 620 Rita P Palma to Craig B Eutsey, $91,000.

312 Hinchman Ave John R Parent to Alissa M Purcell, $212,500.

920 Kresson Rd Victor J Manuele to Thomas and Debra Hessert Jr, $1,700,000.

24 Lantern Ln Kathleen M Barrett to Michael P Barrett, $350,000.

300 Saint James Ave Stephen T Neild to Yesenia Crockenberg, $275,000.

106 Sharrowvale Rd Brian Cassano to David A and Christine M Pickel Jr, $315,000.

129 Tavistock Keyote Investments LLC to Dominick Lieze, $160,000.

95 Versailles Blvd Eliott M Utain to Ann M Carey, $297,000.

45 Wagon Ln Mary D Durso to Gerard M and Alisha B Lerman, $281,000.


150 Garfield Ave Robert F McCloskey to Ronald J and Joan L Balint, $100,000.


155 Frazer Ave Emma Ostrosky estate to James W and Margaret A Havens, $190,000.

Gloucester City

358 8th St Patrick J Collins to Wendy Riso, $199,900.

321 Highland Blvd Melvin L Barcklow estate to Raymond F and Laura M Coxe, $150,000.

217 Orlando Ave Robert E Pierce to Matthew E and Kathleen J Pierce, $190,000.

129 Princeton Ave Kenneth Dunbar Sr to Sandra D Hamilton, $180,000.

Gloucester Township

24 E Annapolis Dr Rosemary Van Hest to George W Rowand and Nina M Payne, $350,000.

247 Cedar Ave Frank J Simiriglia to Louis and Joseph Riiff, $75,000.

22 Cherry Cir Rowenka Luk to Donna M Albert, $193,000.

217 E Church St Edward Corsino to John Melchiorre and Ross Buford, $169,318.

76 Farmhouse Rd Isaac A Moore to Dominick Verticelli, $134,000.

40 Girard Ave Robert Pelletier Sr to Robert Pelletier Jr, $175,000.

182 Hampshire Rd Eric Rice to Kimberly E and Nathaniel J Lewis, $110,000.

3 Hampton Ct Barry Simone to Jill D Force, $237,000.

221 Hidden Dr Dolores M Calvello to Olamide J Oladipo, $240,000.

1063 Jarvis Rd Elite Const Corp to Dionne Nattoo, $330,000.

554 Loch Lomond Dr Julie A Cline to Stephen W Quice, $53,791.

49 Saint Moritz Dr A Paulette Kornicki to Douglas S and Amy L Corbin, $220,000.

8 Stoney Bridge Rd Barry L Start to John L Curry, $275,000.

Haddon Heights

9 11th Ave Sirva Relocation to Gerard P McCarty, $194,900.

323 8th Ave Seth Deforest to Harry Wilson and Kelly Ann Bowen Jr, $389,000.

1907 S Park Ave Nancy Cipollono to Benjamin Rock, $235,900.


300 Marlborough Ave Paul Creitz to David J and Ronald J Dekerlegand, $199,000.

212 Memorial Ave Virginia R Kurtz estate to Jeffrey Riley, $179,300.


672 Clinton Ave Dorothy E Harvey estate to Nancy M Burrough, $399,900.

424 Hawthorne Ave William H Speechley Jr to Peter and Jennifer Hartt, $560,000.

20 Heritage Rd Robert Mirabello to Victor J and Paula J Manuele, $620,000.

223 Peyton Ave John W Sharp to Elizabeth Capelli Fini, $410,000.

Laurel Springs

101 Broadway Robert M Grubb to Miguel T Hurt, $120,000.


1 Edwards Ct River Run Assocs LLC to Delano R Heard, $510,000.

325 John F Kennedy Blvd Willie Davis to Jeremy S Hill, $55,000.


449 10th Ave Michael Legatie to Diane Bearn, $150,000.

231 Aman Ave 7 Hldgs LLC to William T Dougherty, $102,000.

1009 Central Ave Joseph T Dascenzo Jr to Sean and Kristine Kerrigan, $130,000.

18 Walnut Ave Andrew MacFarland estate to Leon and Karina Silvestre, $55,000.

Mount Ephraim

151 Hartka Ave Ahmed Shah to Khaista Bacha, $300,000.


7434 Cedar Ave Charles D Layman to Maria D Caban, $180,000.

2279 Cove Rd Ivan Carillo to Brenda L Rodriguez and Julio Santiago, $117,000.

2828 Cove Rd Judy D Stanford to Alzada Y Kirkland and Victoria Jones, $350,000.

436 Curtis Ave Kevin G Neal to Jasmin Gomez, $159,900.

4320 Elm Ave Joseph Kenney to Elaina B Maksimow and Daniel K Judge, $227,000.

4775 Greene Ave Dorothy M Corbett to James Cosby and Janet Ortiz, $220,000.

6106 High St Thelma Harker to Alaimir E and Kersy M Azocar, $199,000.

1719 Horner Ave Richard K Sooy to Timothy W and Kelly L Hunt, $167,000.

3746 King Ave Maria Caban to Nakia Reese, $137,500.

7402 Park Ave Howard A Deveney to Issac Nashed, $139,000.

8511 Park Ave David Millspaugh to Lisa E Millspaugh, $115,000.

5200 Russell Ave John J McCloskey to Kenneth and Andrea White, $232,000.

7162 Waldorf Ave Orlando Roman to Xavier and Melissa Roman, $108,500.

Pine Hill

168 E 10th Ave Jamie S Farren to Michael Compton and Jacqueline Marmarou, $185,000.

70 E 7th Ave Gladys M Scott to John P Baban, $95,000.

30 Gristmill Ln Michele Wolf to Laura K McMaster, $195,000.

1313 Pine St Julio A Castillo to Margaret Castillo, $192,000.

29 Richards Ave Eric Palumbo to Walter and Laura Lewellen III, $179,900.

83 Walnut Ln Priscilla A Callahan to Michael J Sliwecki, $143,000.


323 Hill Ave Mary Ann Chudzinski to John Valenti, $70,000.


421 Hampton Ln Lynne S Kennedy to Robert J and Susan M Bowman, $330,000.

800 W Somerdale Rd Charles W Suburban Jr to Thomas L Berardi Jr, $70,000.


305 Harvard Ave Kathleen Rizzo to Erik J Russo and Arlene M Laird, $267,900.


3906 Babe Ct Benjamin W Reeves IV to Kioh Shim, $174,900.

7 Fawnwood Dr Richard J Bjelde to Jeffrey P and Amy T Hawkins, $945,000.

512 Gregory Way unit 716 Maryann Coleman to Genellen Bona, $178,000.

1504 Roberts Way Joann Lasalle to Joseph Brooks and Gina Damato, $175,000.

19 Signal Hill Dr Brendan C Canavan to Maria Woolston Wicks, $645,000.

56 Woodhurst Dr Bobby E Battle to Jason and Melissa Montgomery, $360,000.


2144 Columbia Ave Pauline Cotterall to Thomas and Paula Andrea Beech, $223,500.

114 Fenway Ave Albert W Haberle III to Esther Tabares, $186,900.


32 Beaver Dam Dr Heritage Residential @ Wiltons to Howard and Jacqueline Holden, $417,225.

312 Bittlewood Ave Deluca Enterprises Inc to Carmen A Squillace, $307,925.

919 Burberry Ct Melvin Blount to James B Wilson, $215,000.

120 Eastmont Ln Kimberly J Duym to Michael J and Chanda J Harcourt, $229,500.

134 Hearthstone Dr Nvr Inc to Gerta L Cogan Revocable Trust, $370,070.

136 Hearthstone Dr Nvr Inc to Gary and Joann Zimmerman, $350,740.

178 Hearthstone Dr Nvr Inc to Dorothy M Sieck, $243,790.

202 Hearthstone Dr Nvr Inc to James V and Jo Ann Belair Sr, $316,765.

204 Hearthstone Dr Nvr Inc to Edward C and Suzanne Foley, $305,565.

36 High Meadows Dr Austin Warner Jr to John and Elizabeth Hatib, $177,000.

40 Hopewell Ln Blease Greene to Kenneth A and Mary C Waters Sr, $160,000.

4 Ivy Hall Ln Gregory Lupton to Boise Butler III, $225,000.

105 Kenwood Dr Walter Brannan to Joyce K Murdah, $123,000.

185 New Brooklyn Rd Chrisken Prop LLC to Tymeka Robertson and Troy G Hurst, $89,900.

177 Orlando Dr Daniel Lamb to Brian Floretti, $298,750.

170 Quiet Rd Timothy Curilla to Stephen A and Jennifer Pilman, $350,000.

4 Saddle Ln Irvin F Charles to Tawanda L Charles, $222,000.

15 Sugarmaple Ln Stephen Slaven to Madeline Moreno, $234,900.

4 Vanderbilt Ct Cyrill C Ikwebe to Denis Portuphy, $127,500.

123 Villa Knoll Ct John Williams to Melissa Gunter, $131,500.


383 Chestnut Ave Ayonna M Mims to Joseph Green, $98,580.

Gloucester County


101 Hickory Ln Joan Puglia and Helen Engelke Estate to Salvatore Milazzo and Scarlett Milazzo, $134,000.

East Greenwich

117 Acorn Dr Kamlesh Shah to Brian Epley and Elisabeth Epley, $266,000.


965 Proposed Ave Robert McCauley and Dawn McCauley to Travis Stell, $145,000.

629 Rachel Dr Hovnanian At Frankinville to Ernest Robinson Jr and Valerie Robinson, $628,852.


31 W Broad St Frank Capano to Patricia Dougherty, $188,900.


302 Ewan Rd Judith Haynes and William Haines estate to Gerald Farley and Elizabeth Amado, $179,900.


1135 Rembrandt Way Glen Eyre At Monroe to Hawk Chin and Thanh Vy, $410,000.

908 Twelve Oaks Dr Paparone Homes Of Nj to Rhan Roach, $327,000.


509 N Delaware St Michael Leonardis and Stacey Leonardis to Eva Matyskiela, $147,000.


26 4th Ave Amy Muerman to Kirk Leach and Michelle Leach, $165,000.

448 Lake Ave Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Michael Sheehan and Patrice Sheehan, $270,010.


28 Belmont Blvd Thomas Higgins and Veronica Higgins to Nicholas Brigandi, $437,500.

115 Devonshire Ct Peter Bianchi to William Scola Jr, $148,000.

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