Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Shop math: Sample questions

Shop math: Sample questions

Here are the kinds of mathematics problems that local manufacturers say job candidates must be able to solve in order to be hired. Read the article, "Shop math: A manufacturing skill in high demand"

1. Please mark the tape measure appropriately:
a. 7 7/16
b. 3 1/2
c. 7/8

2. Harold's fork truck is rated for 4,000 pounds. He has to move and stack 10 skids (pallets) of paper, each weighing 1,500 pounds. What is the maximum number of skids he can lift at one time? How many trips will he have to make?

3. What is the decimal equivalent for 3/4?

4. What is the fraction equivalent for 8.625?

5. Sometimes we add fractions of an inch during machine set-up. Add these fractions: 6 3/8 + 7 9/16 = _____________

6. What is 10% of 175?

7. You are told to pack 108 batteries in boxes. Each box holds 24 batteries. If you packed full boxes only, how many batteries will be left over?

8. Add these numbers: 4.9 + 9.7 + 5.62 + 7.25 = ________
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