Things to know about window replacement on stucco and stone homes


The Delaware Valley has thousands of homes that were built in the last 15 years that suffer from failing stucco and/or stone siding. This is happening because builders didn’t bother to install these products the right way (especially in areas around the windows) when the homes were erected.

Stucco siding and stone siding needs proper drainage so water doesn’t get trapped. If it does, it can cause serious damage to plywood and wood framing, in addition to other potentially dangerous problems.

“Something like this could cause mold and mildew behind the stucco,” Adam Parnes, VP of Marketing for Global Home Improvement said. “People can even get sick from it. It ends up being a lot of money and headaches if not taken care of properly.”

You may be asking yourself, how does this relate to replacing windows in my home? And the answer is simple; if your old windows were not flashed or insulated properly, installing replacement windows will not fix the problem at hand. That main issue is air and water infiltration in and around the window frame, which can cause serious damage to the home’s structure.  

If you find yourself in this situation, experts, such as Global Home Improvement, recommend a full frame or new construction window installation with a nailing flange, as well as proper flashing tape and insulation. To do so, they also recommend removal and remediation of the entire wall where the new windows are being installed.

This may seem like a lot of additional work, but it is better to do the window installation and stucco/stone remediation at the same time. The biggest mistake homeowners can make in this situation is installing replacement windows first and then deciding in a year or two to address the exterior.

“If you just do a replacement install, you’re really not solving your problem,” Parnes said. “It’s more about if you’re going to do it, do it the right way.”

Another key to fixing the problem the right way is getting a company that can install quality windows, like Marvin brand windows as either replacement style windows or new construction windows. Trusting someone with a proven track record, like Global Home Improvement, can never be overstated.

For more information on the proper steps to take when considering stucco remediation and new window replacement, call the experts at Global Home Improvement at 888-234-2929 or visit them online at

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