Take your event to the next level

Suites and Premium Seating at the Wells Fargo Center are perfect for any event.

When planning an event, there are certain things that make an evening memorable. Sure, it can be the people in attendance or the nature of the event, but amenities and exclusivity are what people often remember most.

If Joel Embiid hits a buzzer-beater to beat the Cavs, it doesn’t matter where you are sitting in the arena, you’re going to remember the moment. But if you are sitting in a Club Box or Luxury Suite, you’re going to tell everyone where you were at that very moment, and it becomes the stuff of legends. People do double takes when you say you were in a suite for that moment that will live forever.

The luxury amenities that Wells Fargo Center Premium Seats can offer are what sets them apart as a place to entertain for any occasion. Luxury Suites provide a private space with completely customizable food and top shelf beverage packages, a private bathroom, hostess service and seats for some of the greatest events in Philly. Taking people to a suite like that is something they tell their friends about. Here’s some ideas of how you can utilize these incredible ticket packages.

Holiday Party
Most companies have some sort of a holiday party for their employees. It’s probably been the same, tired dinner and drinks event that half of the company dreads going to. That wouldn’t be the case in a Wells Fargo Center Luxury Suite. Your employees will feel more valued if you took everyone out to Villanova Basketball game as the holiday party. As everyone knows, employees that feel valued do better work!

Birthday Parties
If you’re putting together a party for one of your buddies or a family member, premium seats would set the new standard for birthdays. If your best friend is a big Claude Giroux fan, book a suite for a Flyers game. Your brother is a big classic rock fan? Get everyone together for the Guns n’ Roses show. They won’t be disappointed.

Closing a Deal
It can be very hard to impress a potential client and close a big deal. There’s no way they wouldn’t be impressed watching Joel Embiid do his thing on the hardwood, all while experiencing the best of what a state of the art NBA arena has to offer. If you sign that big deal, it essentially pays for itself.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
Lots of people go out of town to destinations for their “last fling before the ring”, but there’s really no need to when everything to make a memorable night is right here in town. The full-service experience offered by the Wells Fargo Center will make sure they have all the fun they need to have before taking the plunge. There are so many different types of events you could host, it is a good fit for anyone.

Whether it is for a concert, basketball game or hockey game, there really is no better place in Philadelphia than Wells Fargo Center Luxury Suite or Club Box Seats. To plan your next event, head to https://www.wellsfargocenterphilly.com/premium-seating.

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