How can we get smarter about customers and what they want?

Many SaaS (Software as a Service) companies can help you look for trends in the ways your customers interact with your site.

Question: I have a decent website, and we’ve done well engaging our customers through social media, but I’m wondering how we can get even smarter about our customers and what they want. What tools can I use to get feedback and analyze who’s using our site? And how do I best use that insight to grow my business?

Answer: Analyzing who is visiting your site, or following you on social media, and then acting on that information is the ideal way to remain relevant, and give the customer what they want. Many POS (point of sale) systems are getting smarter and will remember what a customer purchased, when the last time they visited your store, or even what they didn’t care for. In the restaurant business, it used to be enough to keep notes on how often a guest came in. Now we know how long it’s been between visits –both in-person and online --allowing us the option to reach out and invite them back. In-house, we can see if they always order a particular menu item or bottle of wine, allowing us to target offers to their preferences. This information can also help us anticipate needs and order correctly. Online, customer comments can be helpful. In addition, many SaaS (Software as a Service) companies provide reporting tools or analytics that can help you look for trends in the ways your customers interact with your site. Do they visit after emails? Or respond to promotions or offers? If your current software doesn’t provide this information, I encourage you to seek business analytics tools that do.

Jeff Benjamin

COO, Vetri Family Restaurants




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