How can I maintain high customer service with expanding business?

Ensure everyone is empowered to be ambassadors for your brand.

Question: As my business is expanding to new locations, how do I maintain the same level of customer service our flagship store is known for?

Answer: As an entrepreneur with a growing business, it is an exciting time–but small business owners can’t be everywhere at once. While it is always prudent to be budget-conscious, I highly recommend investing in comprehensive training and development for staff, combined with employee recognition programs, to ensure everyone is empowered to be ambassadors for your brand. Once you’ve built a dedicated workforce that embraces your brand values, you will have the confidence to let your team lead day-to-day activities, providing you the opportunity to focus on big picture items. It’s important that your customer-focused culture transcends everything you do and every service you offer. When your brand and company beliefs are strong, your employees will reflect them, new hires will adopt them and everyone will feel integrally involved in the company’s continued success and growth.

Harry Madonna

Chief Executive Officer, Republic Bank




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