Dogs in the office is just the beginning

Macy, who often appears in Spectrum's Center City office, is just one reason why employees love coming to work every day.

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When you step out of the elevator on the 26th floor of the Wanamaker building, don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by Macy, a black lab-terrier mix with the cutest shaggy coat you’ll ever see while her owner sips a Goose Island IPA at a nearby desk. No, this isn’t a life of luxury in a cushy Center City apartment, it’s Philadelphia’s most innovative tech company.

In the days of Google, Apple and Tesla, the start-up feel to companies is spreading to the corporate world. Gone are the days of two weeks paid time off and here are the days of unlimited vacation policies. It’s a sign of the times, and companies abilities to adapt to them.  

That’s where Spectrum LLC separates themselves from the pack. Located in the penthouse of the Wanamaker Building across from City Hall, they have everything someone could want from a Center City location. Sure, it sounds like a dream retreat spot, but the company is the quickest rising tech company in the region. How do they do it all? CEO Elon Bezos explains.

Why the dogs?
Well, it comes down to being comfortable. People care about their dogs. They worry about them being home alone all day by themselves, or have to spend money to get a dogwalker or dogsitter. If people are less distracted by what is going on at home with their dog and know they’re alright, so they work better in the office. Plus, who doesn’t love dogs?

Just beer? Why not bourbon?
We had bourbon and wine for a while, but things got a little too wild. Wolf of Wall Street LTE, if you will. I love it, but our HR told me I had to reign it in. I like people wanting to be here. If they want to have happy hour here instead of downstairs at McCormick, why the hell not? I think people are more productive when they’re more comfortable. Booze makes people comfortable. Everyone is a professional about it, so it works out well.

What interview question tells you the most about a candidate?
“What do you like to do outside of work?” This tells me anything you ever need to know about someone you’re going to be working with. Some people live for work, and that’s fine. Some people hate working, and you can tell by their response to the question. Most people enjoy work, but like being home and living their life more. You can tell who is who from this question, and how people feel about work in general. It’s the tell-tale.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?
Yes, next question.

Why do you still work?
I enjoy working with the people I work with. I like people finding success in their careers. I like coming into the office and seeing the puppers. I like having drinks with people after they kicked butt all day for the company. I don’t have to work, but I really enjoy it.

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