Don’t Miss: Devon Dog Show, Arena Eventing, Great Plants


The Devon Horse Show & Country Fair is 11 days packed full of great equestrian competition, fun exhibitions, superb shopping and much, much more. So what are the hidden gems you might not know about and don’t want to miss?

May 24: Dog Show
For the second year, Devon will go to the dogs the first night of the show, Thursday, May 24. After the horses leave the ring, the dogs will take their place and compete in equestrian-like classes. What A Good Dog of Frazer will lead the “Dog Show at Devon” in classes including Walk, Trot with Me; Jumpers; Tricks; and a Lead Line Costume Parade. That Thursday night, general admission is free after 5 p.m.

May 27: Arena Eventing
Arena Eventing returns on Sunday May 27. Combining the speed of show jumping with the technical challenges of three-day-eventing, this will be an unmissable evening of heart-stopping action. Watch your favorite riders negotiate jumps that simulate the natural terrain of a cross country course while presenting the speed and technical challenges of showjumping. Riders will jump in both the Dixon Oval and Wheeler Ring, meaning there are no bad seats for this class.

June 3: Plant Sale
You may admire all the lovely flowers in the ring and around the Devon show grounds from Main Line Gardens, but did you know they can be yours? Many of those plants will be sold at a discounted price once the show ends. After the last class ends on the last Sunday, around 3 p.m., window boxes of plants, individual plants, and even bushes will be brought to the Dixon Oval, near the front entrance and sold.

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