7 tips to cut down your building’s energy costs

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Utilities are one of the top five major capital expenses for building owners and large companies. Utilities are also the easiest capital expense to cut back on without negatively impacting productivity or product quality by investing in more energy efficient practices. Below are tips to help you get started to cut down on your building’s energy costs.

    1. Avoid costly misconceptions about Energy Reduction Plans and improve your building in a way that maximizes your retained asset values.
    2. Ask the right questions to protect your buildings and reduce your risk.
    3. Make decisions based on your specific situation and avoid a one-size-fits all solution.
    4. Seek proven advice from a professional dedicated to, and specializing in, the science of achieving efficient energy solutions that increase your net operating income.
    5. Find a solutions provider who will guarantee the maximum cost of the entire project in advance with open book reporting.
    6. Constantly monitor your energy consumption and optimize your consumption based on your real time situation to save money while insuring occupants’ comfort level.
    7. Make sure any solution provider you choose has delivered the results you seek in other buildings like yours, has a history of completing on time, under budget, and guarantees their work for at least two years.

Efficiency Made Easy

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