5 brilliant style hacks all men should know

Men's Suite Jacket
A custom tailored suit is the ultimate style hack for men.

Everybody has those days; where there’s no time to iron the wrinkles out of a favorite shirt, or you get red wine stains on a new suit jacket. It happens, but how do you deal? It’s important for stylish and non-stylish men to know the basics when it comes to addressing wardrobe issues in a pinch. For all those little things that are easily fixed or addressed, here are 5 style hacks to step up your style game and help with tricky wardrobe mishaps.

Hack #1: Say goodbye to wrinkles

A quick and easy way to remove wrinkles is to put your shirt in the dryer, along with a few ice cubes, for 10 minutes. The dryer’s heat releases moisture from the ice cubes and creates steam, allowing the wrinkles to disappear. It’s science and style—together!

Hack #2: Breathe new life into your unworn pants

You likely have a pair of pants in your closet that you never touch anymore, yet you can’t quite bring yourself to throw them away. Why not turn them into shorts? To start, slip them on and mark the desired length on one leg with chalk. Then take them off, grab a pair of fabric scissors and cut evenly. For a finished look, cuff the legs once or twice, or get them hemmed by a tailor.

Hack #3: Test a shirt’s tuck-in capabilities

Have you ever purchased a button-up shirt from a store and taken it home, only to find it doesn’t stay tucked in? Then you’ll be happy to know we have a style hack for that too. The solution is called the sit-down test: while you’re at the store, sit down once you’ve tucked the shirt in to test how it will feel when you’re sitting in a meeting or at your workspace. If it pulls out, it’s too short and you should go for a different size.

Hack #4: Skip the changing room

Save yourself the hassle and forgo the changing room to try on a pair of pants. Just take your forearm (elbow to fist) and place it in the waist of the pants—if it fits without being too loose or too tight, chances are it will be the right fit for when you put them on at home. Just make sure you choose the right length.

Hack #5: So long to red wine stains

It seems spilling red wine is an inevitability, no matter who you are. Luckily, there’s a trick to remove stains should the inevitable happen to you. Soak the stain with a bit of white wine, then dab it with a clean cloth to absorb the stain until it’s gone (don’t rub!) and throw the item of clothing in the wash. Now back to your wine!

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