A weekend in Colonial Williamsburg: hospitality and history at its finest
Weekend Getaway
When you drive into Colonial Williamsburg, it feels exactly that: colonial. You can tell from the architecture that each of the colonial style buildings holds a place in history and has a story to tell. There’s not many places left in this country that you can so accurately travel back to the past to see what things were like during colonial times. But it is everything else that Colonial Williamsburg has to offer that makes it one of the best places to travel to. A weekend in Williamsburg doesn’t have to be just for history buffs. There are plenty of top-rated things to do in the city that are very much up to modern standards, but lend themselves seamlessly into colonial days. Here’s how others say you can spend a weekend in Williamsburg.
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Golf's Gold Standard
Picture it: you step onto the 16th tee box, your round winding down. It is hard to come up with words to describe the beauty that’s in front of you. An island green sits in the middle of a lake, at least 100 feet below your feet, with the vaunted 17th hole lurking behind it all. It makes a case for the best two-hole tandem in golf.
No, you’re not in Florida at TPC Sawgrass or in California at Pebble Beach, you’re at the Gold Course at Golden Horseshoe Golf Club in Colonial Williamsburg. It’s just one of a handful of world-class golf courses in the area that can live up to even Tour pro’s standards.
Glen Byrnes, Director of Golf and Recreation for the Courses at Colonial Williamsburg, says that Colonial Williamsburg's courses are "so incredible because of the quality of the golf courses, who designed them to make them what they are, and the commitment to service behind all of it.”
The Gold Course, which has widely been known in the golf community as one of the best courses on the East Coast, recently underwent a complete renovation of all greens, fairways, roughs, and bunkers. The renovation of Robert Trent Jones Sr.’s original 1963 design was directed by his son, golf course architect Rees Jones and Greg Muirhead of Rees Jones Inc. Golf Course Design.
“It’s a return to grandeur,” Byrnes said. “It’s known for having the greatest quartet of par threes in the game of golf, and now they’re more ready to stand the test of time now. They’re absolutely gorgeous.”
Aside from the Gold Course, Colonial Williamsburg boasts the Green Course designed by Rees Jones, which is a bit longer but more forgiving, according to Byrnes. Most of the holes run along ravines for a picturesque playing experience. If that’s not your pace, there’s also the Spotswood Course, an executive Par 3 course that is also top-notch.
So when you’re standing on that 16th tee in real life, take a moment to look around and take in the beauty of what’s around you. Then really do your research and check the wind direction, the water is awfully inviting for golf balls.
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Sleep Like A Queen
When you walk onto the grounds of the iconic Williamsburg Inn, you can just feel it. From the majestic reflecting pool when you arrive on the property to the Social Terrace off the back of the inn that overlooks the Gold Course at Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, you get the feeling you are a part of something special.
That’s because you are.
The Williamsburg Inn, just one of the wide array of hotel properties Colonial Williamsburg has to offer, seems like something out of a story book, or fit for a queen. Other than the fact that the Queen of England has stayed there twice (most recently in 2007), the Inn has a historic feel, but all the modern amenities that you’d come to expect with a luxury stay.
It was closed for three months earlier this year for the second phase of its most extensive renovation in 15 years. There are even suites that are named and themed after those who have stayed at the Inn, such as the Queen of England, Winston Churchill and John D. Rockefeller Jr.
“The Inn is the crown jewel of Colonial Williamsburg’s hotels, but there is also the Woodlands Hotel & Suites, which provide a family friendly experience, as well as the Williamsburg Lodge, ” Peake said.
The Lodge is also a property that is being revamped to conform with all the modern accommodations we have come to expect. According to Peake, it became a part of the Marriott Autograph Collection this past January. This coming January, all of the rooms at the Lodge will be remodeled.
It is the dedication to keeping the hotel accommodations top notch that make Colonial Williamsburg one of the best places to visit.
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Discover Divine Dining
When you sit down inside the Rockefeller Room, you’re surrounded by a mellowly modern atmosphere with a dash of historical. You won’t find any white tablecloths here. Instead, tradition lies in the restaurant’s classic cuisine, like an Oysters Abby that will blow your mind.
With offerings like a heritage pork chop with leek and forest mushrooms, potato rösti and apple butter, you might think when you step outside you’ll be at the corner of 50th and Park Ave. Instead, you’re in Colonial Williamsburg, where the newly elevated food scene has it out for the likes of New York and Chicago.
Walking the streets of Williamsburg can lead to quite an appetite by the end of the day. Yes, history is on your mind and all around you. But no, spending your day like a colonial doesn’t have to mean eating like one.
Each of the restaurants at Colonial Williamsburg have undergone a revamp to bring Grade-A dining into both the history-filled and 5-star resort buildings they reside in. From the Williamsburg Inn’s Rockefeller Room and Social Terrace to the Historic area’s bounty of Taverns, each restaurant has been upgraded, but with their historic roots in mind.
“Colonial Williamsburg will always, inevitably, have an innate sense of time and place,” Andrew Moss, Senior Marketing Manager of the Puccini Group, consultant firm for the resort’s Food & Beverage operations, said. “That’s what makes it so special. But we hope to provide guests a contemporary experience, while paying homage to the culinary history. ”
“These aren’t completely new concepts, here. We’ve kept the magic of these beloved dining outlets, and rather honed in on their individuality. They are built around such great stories, from Shields Tavern offering a glimpse into the cosmopolitan nature of the colonies as a once outpost for ships coming in from the globe’s far corners, to the Inn’s take on British Nouveau as the property’s most exquisite experience – here, you can find it all.”
There are options for the whole family, from the upscale Rockefeller Room to a more casual, pub like experience at Sweet Tea and Barley. Whichever restaurant you choose, you’ll find the dining is second to none in Colonial Williamsburg.
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Total Relaxation
If you were to walk into the building that used to house the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum, you’d be in for quite a treat. No, not because you’d see lots of colonial art, but rather because you can get a full body massage followed by a traditional 18th century bath treatment.
The building that was the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum has been retrofitted to be the home of the Spa of Colonial Williamsburg. That in itself, according to Spa Director Denise Haddaway, is what sets it apart from any other facility.
“The way our spa is designed, it lends itself to total relaxation,” Haddaway said. “Our treatment rooms are all on one floor. All the other working parts are on another floor, so you will never hear a hair dryer while getting a massage, or smell nail polish while getting a bath treatment.”
The spa’s location in a historic building has created parallels to some of the treatments that they offer. Aside from being a full-service spa with a fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and beauty treatments, they offer treatments that you would find in colonial times.
The 17th Century Service is heavily reliant on stones for heating and sweating. The 18th Century Service is centered around different types of baths. Each service comes with a story about what treatments were used during those time periods, created by historians that are experts in the subjects.
It is the unique mix of history, modern techniques and total relaxation that makes the Spa of Colonial Williamsburg a must-visit when in town for a weekend.
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A Weekend Well Spent
With so many activity options, coupled with a glimpse into history that no other town can offer, Williamsburg sets itself apart as a tremendous place to take a vacation. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, head to colonialwilliamsburgresorts.com to start planning.
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