A new way to navigate Philly.com

Today, Philly.com debuts a new navigation bar and a few other tweaks to the look of our news and features pages. We’d love to tell you why we made these changes, and we want to hear what you think about them.

Our new navigation has one primary goal: To help you find more to read and do on our site, more quickly. We have debuted drop-down menus so you can go directly to more of the great content of Philly.com, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News with a single click. Popular blogs and inside sections are easier to find. And common search terms are listed right on the search box.

The topper itself is much shallower than it used to be, which allows us to showcase content higher on our pages. Popular stories, chats and other content can be linked from the home page navigation bar.

And the design is simpler, which helps content take center stage. In addition, we’ve lightened the look of some of our other pages.

We consider this a step forward, not a redesign. There’s still a lot we want to do to improve Philly.com and to make it easier for you to use. But it’s a big step, and we want to hear what you think about it.

There are three ways you can respond. You can:

We are certain to tweak and adjust this new navigation – and make other site changes – in the weeks ahead, and your input will help guide our decisions.

Finally, thank you, for both your readership and your input. We are committed to continually improving Philly.com, making it better and easier for you to use. And we’re grateful for your help as we do so.


The Philly.com team

Ryan Davis, president

Wendy Warren, editor

PS: Big thanks to all the folks who had a hand in designing and building the new navigation: Chris Corter, Jill Hoover, Gregg Meyer, Nadya Harvey, Radu Metente, Amanda Gilanyi, Bob McGovern, Joe Friend, Ian Krantz, Kevin Burkett, Chris Meares and the Philly.com content team.