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POSTED: Thursday, May 17, 2012, 11:49 AM is excited to take the first external step in something that’s overdue. Today, we are asking you, our readers, to take a survey to help us begin to redesign our site.

We want to make easier for you to use, and help users discover more of the outstanding content on, including content from The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and our other content partners.

We know you want that too. We've heard it on comments on our stories, in emails to our feedback address and in person when we meet you at events. It’s been more than four years since’s design got a serious reexamination, and that’s too long.

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Yesterday, when the Inquirer broke the story that four people accused retired Daily News sports columnist Bill Conlin of abusing them as children, took what has become, for us, a routine step for a story of this nature: 

We turned off readers’ ability to comment on those articles.

By default, commenting is allowed on staff-written stories and columns, but there are some types of content where we do not allow commenting, including obituaries (where readers often have the option of signing a moderated online guestbook) and wire stories. But we often – not always, but often – turn off commenting on stories involving crimes, especially molestation or sex crimes.

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This weekend’s storm may make it difficult for readers of our newspapers' print editions to find an outlet to purchase the paper, or to have it delivered in some areas.

If you cannot get Sunday’s Inquirer or Monday’s Daily News or Inquirer, you will find all the news from both papers here on

In addition, we've provided free access to our digital editions of both The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News; just click on the links below. This free access will continue until Tuesday.

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Once a decade, City Council changes something important. It re-draws the maps that dictate which Councilpeople represent which neighborhoods.

For every Philadelphia citizen, redistricting means one important voice that represents your street could change. But it can be a process that's more about politics than good government. Already this year, City Council has been criticized for not having enough public hearings on the process. (They are now having two.)

But a Philly tech firm believes you need a voice in this process - and that you're smart enough to try drawing your own City Council districts. Azavea has built a web site that allows you to propose which neighborhoods should go in which council districts. It even layers in the best practices around redistricting, helping you to build a Council map that distributes the votes fairly and prevents gerrymandering.

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