Transition Time To a New/Old Address

By Mel Greenberg

Hello everyone. The Guru may be back here at some future date.

But for now, he has moved back to the original address

and has a brief note, ok, moderately brief note, to get you all situated and organized to re-adjust your links.

Maintain your links to here, but rename them to avoid confusion, for Guru Inquirer archival purposes in the same way you find stories on the previous platform that existed prior to this one.

The Guru's email Inquirer link has been re-established for a brief period, to give time to shave the 15,000 housed there and catch those coming through the next several weeks.

That's it for now. See you all over on the other side.

Jonathan will keep you up to date at as only he knows how whenever he sees some women's hoops newsworthy item.

Looking long range, the Guru is already thinking how to host those of you heading to Philly at the end of next season when Temple hosts and aspires to play in an NCAA regional that will send the winner on to Indianapolis and the Women's Final Four.

  -- Mel