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Guru Report: Georgetown and Miami Coaches Gain Special AP Poll Distinction

By Mel Greenberg

Guru Report: Georgetown and Miami Coaches Gain Special AP Poll Distinction

By Mel Greenberg

  When Georgetown joined the Associated Press women's poll Monday for the second time ever and first since 1993 and Miami returned for the first time since the 2004 season the dual entry brought special distinction for Hoya coach  Terri Williams and Hurricanes coach Katie Meier.

  The duo became the 25th and 26th coaches to play on teams ranked in the AP poll and also coach them.

  They also became the 236th and 237th coaches to guide a team to a ranking dating back 585 weeks to the first poll in November of 1976. The number also accounts for coaches who held title of co-head coach.

   Miami's Meier was a graduate of Duke in 1990 when the Blue Devils were a fledgling national power and slipped in and out of the poll in the early days. Georgetown's Williams-Flournoy was a contemporary competitor of Meier's playing for Penn State, which at that point in time was also doing a bit of the revolving door act, although theNittany Lions had already established themselves nationally in the 1980s.

    Six coaches on the new list have a unique honor within the group in having played and coached at their alma maters in ranking situations.

    The group includes Florida's Amanda Butler, former LSU coach Pokey Chatman, Old Dominion coach Wendy Larry, former Southern Cal coach Cheryl Miller, former Mississippi coach Carol Ross, who also coached Florida to an AP ranking, and former Oregon coach Bev Smith.

     And in case some of of you with long memories ask, Theresa Grentz, Marianne Stanley and Rene Portland played at Immaculata prior to the launch of the poll, though one might say in the course of events their success helped fuel the mangement impetus at the time here to create the ranking.

    Here's a copy of the list:


(Played for and Coached Ranked Teams)

NAME                                           SCHOOL COACH          SCHOOL PLAYED

1. Katie Abrahamson-Henderson                  Missouri St.                  Georgia/Iowa
2. Cheryl Burnett                                           Missouri.St.                  Kansas
3. Amanda Butler%                                      Florida                          Florida
4. Pokey Chatman%                                    LSU                                LSU
5. June Daugherty                                        Boise St./Washington      Ohio St.
6. Nell Fortner                                            Purdue/Auburn                 Texas
7. Susie Gardner                                         Arkansas                          Georgia
8. MaChelle Joseph                                    Georgia Tech                   Purdue
9. Wendy Larry%                                        Old Dominion                 Old Dominion
10. Joanne P. McCallie                              Michigan St./Duke             Northwestern
11. Kathy McConnell-Miller                         Colorado                         Virginia
12. Muffet McGraw                                      Notre Dame                    St. Joseph’s
13. Katie Meier                                             Miami                               Duke
14. Cheryl Miller%                                        Southern Cal                    Southern Cal
15. Kim Mulkey                                              Baylor                          Louisiana Tech
16. Mary Murphy                                            Wisconsin                    Northwestern
17. Kathy Olivier                                              UCLA                          UNLV
18. Carolyn Peck                                             Purdue/Florida              Vanderbilt
19. Laurie Pirtle                                                  Cincinnati                   Ohio St.
20. Carol Ross%                                             Florida/Mississippi         Mississippi
21. Bev Smith%                                               Oregon                            Oregon
22. Dawn Staley                                                 Temple                         Virginia
23. Jan Ternyik                                                 San Francisco                Montclair St.
24. Charli Turner Thorney                                    Arizona St.                   Stanford
25. Amy Tucker*                                               Stanford                         Ohio St.
26. Terry Williams-Flournoy                               Georgetown                  Penn State

*-Filled in for Tara VanDerveer in 1995-96

%-Six played and coached at same ranked school.

     Foster Set to Move Up Charts

    Ohio State coach Jim Foster, who recently gained his 700th victory,  is poised to move up on the all-time list on AP appearances by coaches.

      He is one of nine coaches to have guided three different teams into the rankings. He is currently listed at 11th with 323 appearances but for more than the past two seasons he has trailed Virginia's Debbie Ryan by one appearance.

    With the Cavaliers in danger of dropping out next week, he could move into a tie and then would be one spot behind former Louisiana Tech coach Leon Barmore, who also has a small extra appearances as a co-head coach with Sonja Hogg. He also two behind the late Kay Yow of North Carolina State.

    On the active list Foster is seventh  behind Ryan and Connecticut's Geno Auriemma (339). Ironically, back in the day all three were involved at the summer camp operation run by former Immaculata head coach Cathy Rush.

   Meanwhile, Texas coach Gail Goestenkors, who also coached Duke for a long time, moved into a tie for 14th place on the all-time list with the late Sue Gunter. North Carolina's Sylva Hatchell is one behind former Auburn coach Joe Ciampi at 13th with 289 appearances.

     Here's a copy of the running file that is a companion to the poll database histories.

Quick hits on AP poll (week10 – for coaches’ appearances week No. 10)
(This is 585th poll after week 10). (Records on pages through week 10, 1/11/10)

Coaches With Three Ranked Teams
C. Vivian Stringer (Cheyney-85), (Iowa-155), (Rutgers-148), 388
Jim Foster (St. Joe-35), (Vanderbilt-164), (Ohio St.-124), 323
Gary Blair (Stephen F. Austin-79), (Arkansas-67), (Texas A&M-72), 218
Marianne Stanley (Old Dominion-141), (Southern Cal-24), (Stanford*-18), 183
Lin Dunn (Miami-2), (Mississippi-1), (Purdue-130), 133
Don Perrelli (Northwestern-52), (S. Conn.-20), (St. John’s-1), 73
Sharon Fanning-Otis (Kentucky-4), (Miss. St.-48), (Tenn.-Chattannoga-4), 56
Tom Collen (Colorado St.-34), (Louisville-17), (Arkansas-2), 53
Debbie Yow (Florida-2), (Kentucky-21), (Oral Roberts-1), 24

Kittie Blakemore, Scott Harrelson – West Virginia 8
Sonja Hogg, Leon Barmore – Louisiana Tech 51
Jill Hutchison, Linda Fischer – Illinois St. 3
Jim Jarrett, Joyce Patterson – Georgia St. 1
Marianne Stanley, Amy Tucker – Stanford 18
Jim Bolla, Sheila Strike – UNLV 18

Coaches All Time Ranking Appearances
1. Pat Summitt, Tennessee – 571 (missed just 14 polls in entire AP history)
2. Andy Landers, Georgia – 441
3. **-Jody Conradt, Texas – 395
4. C. Vivian Stringer (3 schools – Cheyney, Iowa, Rutgers) – 388
5. Tara VanDerveer (2 schools – Ohio St., Stanford) – 379
6. Geno Auriemma, Connecticut – 339
7. **-Rene Portland (2 schools – St. Joseph, Penn St.) – 336
8. **- Kay Yow, North Caro. St. – 326
9. **-Leon Barmore, Louisiana Tech (51-shared with Sonja Hogg) – 325
10. Debbie Ryan, Virginia – 324
11. Jim Foster (3 schools – St. Joseph’s, Vanderbilt, Ohio St.) – 323
12. **-Joe Ciampi, Auburn – 290
13. Sylvia Hatchell, North Carolina – 289
14. Gail Goestenkors (2 schools – Duke, Texas) – 270
14. **-Sue Gunter (2 schools – Stephen F. Austin, LSU) – 270
16. XX-Joan Bonvicini (2 schools – Long Beach, Arizona) - 267
17. **-Marsha Sharp, Texas Tech – 264
18. Van Chancellor (2 schools – Mississippi, LSU) – 252
19. **-Chris Weller, Maryland - 227
20. **-Theresa Grentz (2 schools – Rutgers, Illinois) – 225
21. Gary Blair, (3 schools – Stephen F. Austin, Arkansas, Texas A&M) – 218
22. Muffet McGraw, Notre Dame - 188
23. **-Marianne Stanley (3 schools – Old Dominion, Southern Cal, Stanford*) – 183
24. **-Paul Sanderford (2 schools – W. Kentucky, Nebraska) – 182
25. **-Marian Washington, Kansas – 176
**-Not in college or not in as a head coach


Active Coaches-All Time AP Ranking Appearances
1. Pat Summitt, Tennessee – 571 (missed just 14 polls in entire AP history)
2. Andy Landers, Georgia – 441
3. C. Vivian Stringer (3 schools – Cheyney, Iowa, Rutgers) – 388
4. Tara VanDerveer (2 schools – Ohio St., Stanford) – 379
5. Geno Auriemma, Connecticut – 339
6. Debbie Ryan, Virginia – 324
7. Jim Foster (3 schools – St. Joseph’s, Vanderbilt, Ohio St.) – 323
8. Sylvia Hatchell, North Carolina – 289
9. Gail Goestenkors, (2 schools – Duke, Texas) – 270
10. XX-Joan Bonvicini (2 schools – Long Beach, Arizona) - 267
11. Van Chancellor (2 schools – Mississippi, LSU) – 252
12. Gary Blair, (3 schools – Stephen F. Austin, Arkansas, Texas A&M) – 218
13. Muffet McGraw, Notre Dame – 188
14. Sherri Coale, Oklahoma – 165
15. Wendy Larry, Old Dominion – 146
16. Kim Mulkey, Baylor – 141
17. Melanie Balcomb (2 schools – Xavier, Vanderbilt) – 139
18. Kristy Curry (2 schools – Purdue, Texas Tech) – 124
19. Joanne P. McCallie (2 schools - Michigan St., Duke) – 119
20. %%- Joe McKeown (2 schools – New Mexico St., George Washington) – 116
21. Doug Bruno, DePaul – 106
22. Bill Fennelly, (2 schools – Toledo, Iowa St.) – 105
23.)))-Chris Gobrecht (Washington) - 104
24. Brenda Frese (2 schools, Minnesota, Maryland) – 102
25. !!!- Jane Albright (2 schools – N. Illinois, Wisconsin) – 96
26. Debbie Patterson, Kansas St. – 91
27. Pam Borton, Minnesota – 75
28. Charli Turner Thorne, Arizona St. – 74
29. Kurt Budke (2 schools -Louisiana Tech., Oklahoma St.) – 71
30. Joanne Boyle, California – 60
30. Sharon Fanning-Otis (3 schools – Tenn.-Chattanooga, Kentucky, Miss. St.) – 56
32. Tom Collen, (3 schools, Colorado St., Louisville, Arkansas) – 53
33. Elaine Elliott, Utah – 52
33. ***-Kathy Olivier, UCLA 52
35. Bonnie Henrickson, (2 schools -- Virginia Tech, Kansas) – 45
36. Harry Perretta, Villanova – 44
37. Agnus Berenato (2 schools – Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh) – 37
38. Lisa Stockton, Tulane – 34
39. $$$- June Daugherty (2 schools – Boise St.,Washington) – 32
40. Jeff Mittie, TCU – 31
41. Nell Fortner (2 schools – Purdue, Auburn) - 30
42. Don Flanagan, New Mexico – 29
43. Sue Semrau, Florida St. – 27
44. () - Dawn Staley (Temple) – 26
45. Sharon Versyp, Purdue – 25
45. Jeff Walz, Louisville – 25
47. Robin Selvig, Montana – 23
48. Mike Carey, West Virginia - 22
48. Phyllis Mangina, Seton Hall – 21

&&-Active at Seattle; )))-Active at Yale; $$$-Active at Washington State.; %%-Active at Northwestern; () - Active at South Carolina; !!!-Active at Nevada; XX-Active at Seattle.

      Conferences' Consolidation of  Poll Power

     Studying the database file off the last two seasons, the Big 12 has a slight lead over the Big East, Atlantic Coast and Southeastern Conferences with multiple members earning a ranking. Furthermore, fueled by Connecticut's stranglehold on No. 1, the Big East recently passed the Southeastern Conference (Tennessee the factor there) with most overall No. 1 appearances, currently 140-136 in terms of teams who were actually in the conference at the time of the ranking, and trail the SEC 149-140 in terms of having members who have earned No. 1 rankings though not necessarily in the conference at the time of the ranking. UConn could soon make that sentence a moot point.

    The Big 12 Group (9)

     Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M

   The Big East (8) all this season

    Connecticut, DePaul, Georgetown, Louisville, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, West Virginia

   The Atlantic Coast (7)

   Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Miami, North Carolina, Virginia

    The Southeastern Conference (7)

   Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

     That's it for now. Early turnaround for another elementary school day matinee special Tuesday in a Big Five encounter between Penn and St. Joseph's at noon at the Hawks' Hagan Arena. Ear plugs are on standby.

  -- Mel 


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