Guru Report: Delle Donne's Victim Revealed

By Mel Greenberg

   Well, the Guru got some interpretations from reliable sources on Monday on how much more he could tell you about Delaware's "private" scrimmage Sunday in town here at which red-shirt freshman Elena Delle Donne scored 50 points, hitting 20 of 25 shots, with some errant three-point attempts among the few missed connections.

  The scrimmage was against St. Joseph's in the Hawks' new Michael J. Hagan Arena in which each team won a half, according to an eyewitness report.

  Under NCAA rules, spectators and media were banned from the scrimmage, which could not be mentioned ahead of time.

  Formal statistics were not kept, although someone was obviously counting. The previous post pretty much covers everything that can be said now that you know the site.

  "No question,  Elena makes them an entirely different team," St. Joseph's coach Cindy Griffin said.

   The Guru was told by several persons Monday that after-the-fact comments from an eyewitness can be made, though to play it safe, one quote says it all for now, although the Guru just noticed that the traffic at this site surged overnight with word of the Monday report.

    New Media Initatives

    The Guru's good friend and colleague Doug Feinberg, the Associated Press national women's basketball writer, will be conducting a twitter chat Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. Though the Guru continues to avoid the twitter world as much as possible, he is impressed by the notables following Doug.

   If the Guru has figured it out, the internet connection is at If you have problems, get over to the Rutgers message board because a link is posted at the Scarlet Knights' fan site.

   Meanwhile, Vicki Friedman of the Virginia Pilot in Norfolk, where she had been a longtime beat reporter covering the Old Dominion women until shifted to news side at the end of last season, is contributing to blog site that extensively covers Colonial Athletic Association women's hoops, featuring ODU, and other women's news out of Virginia such as the Cavaliers.

   Michelle Smith, who took a buyout after last season and a longtime stint covering Stanford, is now writing for AOL

   Closing a Decade

  With thoughts potentially toward all-decade awards at the end of this season, here is some data off the rescued AP poll history charts in terms of most Top 5 and Top 10 appearances since the arrival of 2000 in the 1999-2000 season.

   The Guru's data guy here created that report and a decision will have to be made whether to move the yardsticks back to the 1999 half or to close out the decade in the last vote before 2010 arrives in terms of producing final category rankings.

Top 5 Appearances

2000's (to present)
Tennessee 149
Connecticut 138
Duke 115
North Caro. 70
LSU 57
Stanford 53
Maryland 43
Oklahoma 42
Texas 32
Notre Dame 29
Georgia 26
Ohio St. 26
Baylor 21
Rutgers 16
Kansas St. 15
Louisiana Tech 13
Purdue 10
Iowa St. 9
Texas Tech 9
Vanderbilt 9
Penn St. 8
Texas A&M 6
California 5
Auburn 4
Louisville 2
North Caro. St. 2
Wisconsin 2

Top 10 Appearances

Connecticut 173
Tennessee 172
Duke 157
Stanford 121
North Caro. 104
LSU 100
Baylor 85
Oklahoma 77
Purdue 76
Rutgers 69
Maryland 65
Georgia 63
Louisiana Tech 62
Ohio St. 57
Notre Dame 56
Texas Tech 51
Iowa St. 39
Texas 39
Kansas St. 33
Penn St. 32
Vanderbilt 27
California 24
Auburn 19
Louisville 17
Michigan St. 16
Texas A&M 15
Minnesota 14
Arizona St. 12
North Caro. St. 9
Florida 7
South Carolina 6
Arkansas 5
Geo. Wash. 4
UC Santa Barb. 4
Wisconsin 3
Colorado 1
DePaul 1
Houston 1
Mississippi St. 1
Old Dominion 1
Oregon 1

OK, The Guru has to run and write his local preview to appear sometime this week in print.

  -- Mel