Guru Career Streak at Inky To End at Forty Plus

By Mel Greenberg

  Before finishing packing and heading to the airport the Guru would like to confirm that on Wednesday he put into play the paperwork that will bring his 40+ plus years at The Inquirer to an end on April 23.

   BUT he is not going away to pasture to work on the farm of Georgia coach Andy Landers, a Women's Basketball Hall of Fame classmate.

   Women's basketball coverage will continue, if not at this blog address, than elsewhere to maintain handlng the local and national stories you have come to this place to peruse through three different platforms since the launch in March 2005.

    Free agency may bring other opportunities, also.

      More will be said in San Antonio and as mentioned maybe we'll do a few photo ops at the Alamo -- an appropriate place don't you think since you all considered the Guru the last holdout in the decline of the industry.

   But stay right here in the interim for all the events including behind the scenes from Texas.

  Now if the Guru can only find that nice Stetson cowboy hat around here that he purchased in 2002 to wear at Geno's party that caused every UConn beat writer to mention it in their notebooks.

    Dangerous crew to have again in the Lone Star State.

    The Guru will return to this space late Friday night -- very late Friday night -- with coverage from Dixie.

    -- Mel