US Airways news: Bonuses paid, Expedia deal

US Airways has been on what we might call an on-time roll the last year or two. US Airways' Robert Isom,  the chief operating officer, reported in a memo to his employees today details of the  bonuses the airline will continue to pay in 2011 for achieving high rankings in goverment (DOT) statistics for on-time flights and the number of complaints and lost bags. US Airways has ranked in the top three vs. the carriers it considers its peers (American, Continental, Delta, United) month after month in the three service categories, and finished that way for the full year (at least through November).

That has meant US Airways' employees earned bonuses last year of $600 apiece for the good work.  I've said it before and will say it again: PHL's biggest airline is enormously better today than it was a few years ago. Readers of this blog have had very little to say in the way of complaint about US Airways for at least two years now.

Here's one more bit of news about the airline. Unlike American Air, US Airways has decided to stick with one of the traditional methods of online ticket sales, signing a deal with the Expedia online travel agency, which gets its ticket inventory from the same "global distribution systems" that most traditional agencies use. Read more here, and find links to background on the ongoing dispute over American's move