US Airways latest to offer in-flight Wi-Fi

US Airways has started offering in-flight Wi-Fi service, enabling customers to pay a fee and get Internet access on laptops or smart phones above 10,000 feet. The Gogo Inflight Internet service is installed on five A321 jets, and by June 1 should be ready to go on all 51 of the airline's A321s, the airlne and Gogo announced yesterday.

As I've reported in the Winging It column last week, I  used Gogo service on an AirTran flight earlier this month and found it worked well, provided you have enough legroom in coach to put down your tray table to use a laptop. The service on US Airways is priced similarly to other airlines that have Gogo: $4.95 for flights of 90 minutes or less, with fees rising to as much as $12.95 for the longest domestic flights to use a laptop or netbook, or $7.95 for mobile devices.