UPDATED: US Airways, United raise checked-bag fees

UPDATE: When I posted the item below yesterday, the left hand forgot what the right hand had already done. US Airways did make an announcement on April 23 that they were raising their bag fees, and I posted an item on this blog at that time. The airline wanted you to know that it was not accurate to say it  had not "made much of an announcement," So now it's been announced to you, twice. Please proceed. 

Neither US Airways nor United made much of an announcement about this (no surprise!) but they raised the fees for checked bags unless you pay for them online before reaching your departure airport. It's now $20 to check the first bag at the airport, and $30 for the second. You save $5 if you do it online. The increase is effective for tickets sold after last Thursday for travel after June 10. If you're a little murky about all the fees, try reading part of United's Website to see if you can follow all the rules. US Airways Web site has information, too.