UPDATED: TSA patdowns for those who haven't heard

That headline isn't meant to diminish the seriousness of the TSA's new airport screening methods for airline passengers. It's just that most of you, the experienced and savvy travelers that you are, have probably heard enough and have decided what you think. The other electronic media (not the 'Net) that folks of my generation use a lot (known as network television) has and will continue to be all over this story. Hey, it's Thanksgiving week, there's less other news breaking out, and TV always has covered air travel topics well, given that they provide good video. So what did you expect? This is actually a very serious topic that we should be talking about. Here's the latest from ABC News, a good thorough report covering many angles and opinions.

UPDATE: Locally, the Inquirer reports on a protest of the screening prcedure planned for Wednesday evening PHL. Actually, Tuesday would be a better day because the airlines say it has become an even heavier travel day than the day before Thanksgiving.