'Shocking honesty' at US Airways lauded

Rick Seaney, the head of www.farecompare.com and a frequent commenter on airline fares and service in Winging It and elsewhere, had a fun posting on the daily e-mail I get from him of travel news. Seems one of his employees was flying US Airways from Hartford/Springfield and was warned by an customer-service agent that bags do get lost on airlines and not to put anything of great value in a checked bag.

We immediately thought of the time, a few years ago, when US Airways people in out stations regularly warned customers about checking bags that had to go through PHL. Remember how dreadful things were, with PHL's bag-handling problems dragging down the whole airline? Seaney tells me that in this case, his employee was flying through Charlotte, which also had its share of baggage woes, which have largely disappeared since then.

I doubt the US Airways agent was saying something specific about the airline's hub airports. But it's nice to know that there are airline folks out there dealing honestly and directly with customers.