UPDATED: Seeking nominations for the country's best restrooms

UPDATE: This post has been updated with a correct Web address (it's restroom, singular).

I know what you're thinking: What a weirdo this guy is with a headline like that. But I think this is a legitimate traveler issue, since those on the road are forced to use public restrooms every day in airports, train stations, conference centers, hotel lobbies and service stations. Most of them usually don't make you gag. But has one or more you have visited really been surprising and memorable, for either being squeaky clean or for actually having some style and beauty?

Check out the Web site www.bestrestroom.com and you will see that, in fact, some public toilettes are beautiful enough to have been honored for a decade as among "America's Best Restrooms." That's the name of an competition, and the site has a link to this year's version, where you can nominate one you think is worthy. The deadline for entries is April 26.