Qantas, others ground A380 jumbo jets after engine failure

Another of those very scary moments for air travelers occurred yesterday when an engine on a Qantas Airlines A380 jumbo jet blew out, briefly catching fire before it was shut down and the plane returned to Singapore. The plane landed safely, using its other three engines, with no reported injuries. Here's a good AP story of the incident, and here's analysis on the Plane Talking Web site of what happens next to make sure the other A380s are flying safely.

FYI, no U.S. airlines fly the 380, the world's largest jet. Qantas, Singapore, Emirates and Air France, all foreign carriers, are among those that have bought the Airbus jet, which can be configured to hold as many as 800 passengers. Qantas, Australia's flag carrier, and the other airlines configure theirs to hold fewer than 600 passengers.