PHL, nationwide airline on-time performance better

Airlines both at PHL and nationwide improved their on-time performance in 2009, including in November, according to the monthly release of data from the U.S. Department of Transportation and its Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Almost 85 percent of PHL flights left on time, and more than 82 percent arrived on time during the month, far better than November 2008, when both numbers were below 80 percent. With all airlines improving compared with the year before, however, PHL still came in close to the bottom of the list of 31 major airports for on-time operations.

US Airways and Southwest, the two biggest carriers at PHL, were in a virtual dead heat for on-time arrivals at the airport. US Airways said its employees would get another bonus for ranking systemwide among the three best performances by the other major network airlines (doesn't include Southwest) with which it compares itself.  For all the stats on airport rankings, go to the BTS Web page. For reams of detail on each airport and other measures of customer service, see DOT's Air Travel Consumer Report.