No surprise, airlines oppose any more federal fees

The airline industry's main trade group, the Air Transport Association, takes a generally dim view these days of much of what the Obama administration proposes. Currently the association is fairly heavy up with former GW Bush administration veterans, so it's no big surprise that any idea the current White House proposes, like an increase in fees to cover the cost of security, might face ATA opposition. The group as a rule objects to all taxes and fees on aviation, contending that their business is the sort of national economic treasure that all taxpayers should help pay for. Hmmm ... what do you think of that idea?

General aviation groups don't like another administration proposal: a $100 per flight fee that would be paid by operators of all aircraft, large and small, commercial and private, to help defray costs of the air-traffic control system. Read more about the proposals from the administration and what the industry says here.   

In the meantime, here's a report on  how the worldwide airline industry is performing financially this year. In summary, it's doing just fine.