UPDATED: JetBlue selling $10 tickets for Tuesday, Wednesday

This story will make all the TV news shows today so we may as well repeat it here. JetBlue, obviously with empty seats to fill during the late spring, pre-summer-vacation days when business is usually slower, is selling every empty seat on all its flights tomorrow and Wednesday for $10 (plus taxes and fees, of course).

UPDATE: Ignore the comment left below ....  it looks too much like someone from JetBlue posted it.

JetBlue doesn't serve PHLso why do we care? It does fly out of Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy (its home and hub) in New York. I just checked the www.jetblue.com Web site and there are seats available on several flights from Newark to Florida -- a welcome change from times when fare sales like this have sold out before most people heard about it, or swamped a Web site so reservations were hard or impossible to make.

What's the catch here? Returning flights are at the usual fares, so you may not save as much money as you could have buying tickets weeks ahead. Still, if you have the time ....