Controlling knuckleheads, in air and on road

We found two excellent works of good travel journalism this morning, both on the NY Times Itineraries page. In his column, Joe Sharkey (who happens to be an NRA member) notes that more "knuckleheads" than ever are trying to board airplanes with loaded guns, according to statistics on the TSA's Web site.  In case we had forgotten in our rush to arm ourselves, that's still against the law and can result in an arrest, depending on the local police policy. 

The other story is about an aspect of business travel (although not by air) that we first started harping on in blog posts more than three years ago: talking on a cell phone while driving. The National Safety Council first urged companies to prohibit their employees from talking while operating a vehicle in early 2009 and now is reporting progress in businesses adopting rules, especially in the last year, after the Transportation Safety Board called for the same ban. Read more about it here ...

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