UPDATE: At last! Southwest to start PHL-BOS nonstops

UPDATED: Southwest has been reading my mind. At the moment I was posting the Terminal E expansion comments below, the airline announced it would start PHL-Boston Logan nonstops on June 27, five a day. We -- thousands of air travelers -- have been asking for this for years to provide competition to the airlines that now charge $1,000 roundtrip. Southwest's introductory fare will be $59 one way. Find more information in this story.

UPDATED information: As of 12:20 pm Philly time today, Tuesday, the roundtrip unrestricted fare on US Airways for nonstop PHL-BOS flights on June 28 and July 9 (I just picked out the dates at random) was still $1,122. I erred in the original portion of this post by saying the fare was $1,000. Keep checking to see if that $1,122 fare comes down.