UPDATED:Are you 'mad as hell' about airline fees?

If the headline describes your sense of frustration and outrage at some of the fees airlines charge, there's a new movement you can join, aimed at getting federal regulators to adopt rules to make them more transparent. Three groups representing airline customers -- the American Society of Travel Agents, the Business Travel Coalition and the Consumer Travel Alliance -- have jointly created a Web site, http://madashellabouthiddenfees.com/ where customers are encouraged to tell their stories about being surprised and angered by fees for services once included in ticket prices.

UPDATE: The Business Travel Coaltion reports as of Wednesday afternoon, roughly 1,000 travelers have signed the petition to DOT re airline fee transparency.

The Web site name is more than catchy: The purpose of the stories is to collect them for submission to U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who's contemplating proposed federal rules that would require airlines to display all the costs -- fees, taxes, government and airline-imposed -- before buying a ticket. The rules would apply no matter how the ticket is bought: directly from a carrier, from a live travel agent or travel management company or from an online travel agency. You've been  reading about fees in this space for roughly two years, and here's an excellent chance to express your opinions about them.

Speaking of mad-as-hell, did you hear the latest on Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who took the emergency chute out of his jet at JFK last month? He has quit the airline and according to the Hollywood Reporter is in talks for his own reality TV show and book.