Airlines object to regulation on in-flight family seating

We've posted articles in the past about the problem of families not being able to sit togetther on airline flights because of widespread holding "better" seats back for additional fees. Now Airlines fro America trade grup says a proposed federal rule requiring airlines to accommodate families' need isn't necessary because families can plan in advance, and besides, airlines are highly competitive anyway. Of course, were that true, the legislation wouldn't have been proposed in the first place.  Read on about that issue here ..

A related opinion column by the NY Times's Joe Sharkey earlier this week addresses the same problem, but this time for adults traveling together who couldn't get adjacent seats, while other, single travelers are paying extra to sit in aisle seats near the front. If you've paid for an "upgrade" (in the loosest sense of the word) of this sort, does airplane etiquette require you to give up your seat to allow a couple to sit together? Find that piece here ...

Whether you have direct experience with this issue or not, tell us what you think.