A roundup of airline safety issues in the news

The last couple of days have been hectic and I'm just now catching up with an usually large number of news reports on airline safety issues. Whatever happened to the week before Labor Day being one of the slowet news periods of the year?

First, the Federal Aviation Administration says it's changing the rules for flights over the Hudson River off Manhattan, an effort to prevent a recurrence of the tragic helicopter-light plane collision earlier this month. Read more on that in an AP story. 

In another order, the FAA said airlines must replace airspeed sensors in their Airbus jets that are suspected as a cause of the crash of an Air France widebody over the Atlantic in June. Good news: US Airways, which flies the A330 jets between PHL to Europe, has already replaced the suspect sensors. Read details of the FAA order here. 

Then there are these two: The FAA is reported to be in a dispute with American Airlines over safety inspections. And the Business Travel Coalition is questioning why the FAA is allowing Southwest Airlines to continue flying 737s with unapproved parts until the end of the year.