February weather batters PHL on-time performance

If you flew in or out of PHL in February, this may not surprise you. The snow that hammered the region pushed airline on-time arrivals at PHL down to 62 percent, putting it in last place among the 29 largest U.S. airports, according to U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics numbers reported today. In recent months, the airport has hovered in the mid-20s out of the 29 airports, and was No. 22 a year ago, with 80 percent on-time arrivals. PHL departures were 66 percent on time, compared with 85 percent a year ago.

Among PHL's biggest carriers, US Airways' flights arrived on time 64 percent of the time in February, and Southwest had on-time arrivals for 60 percent of its flights. Nationwide, airlines operated 77 percent of their flights on time in the first two months of the year.

The usual massive amount of data, including reports on lost bags, bumping, complaints and tarmac delays, is available on DOT's Web site, with detail for individual airports at the BTS site.