United hits'Breaks Guitars' musician again

You may recall the saga of Dave Carroll, the Canadian musician who created a YouTube sensation with his song "United Breaks Guitars," after the airline wouldn't pay him $1,200 for damaging his guitar during a flight transfer at Chicago O'Hare Airport. The original can be heard here. If you view it, you will be among more than 5.8 million who have seen and listened. It's all about how United was indifferent to his plea for compensation.

Carroll, who I met in Washington last month when he endorsed efforts to get Congress to approve passenger-rights legislation, now has the fodder for more songs and videos. He flew United from Saskatchewan to Denver on Sunday -- and guess what, his bag is still missing. No guitar gone this time, but his bag did contain CDs of his latest version of the United series. Irony of ironies, Carroll has become a speaker on the topic of good customer service, and he had gone to Denver for a speaking engagement. Read more of the latest chapter.