UPDATE: Great response to what makes a good hotel room


Oh joy! Readers have responded enthusiastically since Monday morning to my Winging It column about what I look for in a good hotel room. Yesterday afternoon, I had more than 25 e-mails, and half a dozen comments were posted online, all with additional aspects of what you look for when staying in a hotel.

By Tuesday morning, I had 42 responses, which is a few more than the number I have received in response to each of two columns in the last year about the possibility of allowing cell phone calls during airline flights.  I knew readers held strong opinions about that topic, and now I know a lot more about how hotels retain your business.

Please consider posting your comments as part of the blog entry you see for the column, three items below this one. Thanks for the help, and I will write another column in coming weeks on the suggestions that readers had that I didn't think of or have room for. 

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