At last! PHL to get an on-airport cell-phone lot

This is for anyone who hasn't heard the news by now or comes here first for airport information. City officials said yesterday that they would establish a new cell-phone lot on airport property by the first of the year. This is the same plan we reported in the Winging It colunn a week ago Monday was in the works. Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler made the announcement and all the details are  in today's story by airport beat writer Linda Loyd, found here.

My apologies for the late posting. I'm out of town on family business this week with limited Internet access. But I guess I'm not all that late, since the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities had not issued this news release on the lot until a few minues ago, at roughly the same time I was posting the Inquirer story above. Here's the news release from the city. 

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