US Airways testing new in-flight entertainment system

Last summer, US Airways was hammered by people who blog about travel (not including yours truly) for yanking its in-flight entertainment systems off domestic jets as way to save fuel. The equipment, it seems, was heavy enough to reduce fuel efficiency -- something the airliine deemed rather important when oil was headed over $140 a barrel. Just another reason not to fly US Airways, the critics said.

But this morning, I can't find any news stories (those things written by journalists), or rants by bloggers (a few of whom are journalists) about US Airways' announcement that it's testing a new, and it says much better entertainment system. The new system is only on one jet so far, an Airbus 321 flying between Orange County, Calif, Phoenix and Atlanta. But the airline wouldn't be doing the test if it didn't plan to roll out something on many longer-haul planes.     

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